Consultancy - What We can do?

BlueCroc has had a thriving presence over the years in consultancy and advertising space with clients in the Real Estate, FMCG and Online space. The group currently handles Consultancy assignments for nearly a dozen products, projects across various industries.

We follow a 360 degree Approach towards Sales and Marketing Function in an organization. The group renders Advisory and Execution services in three areas of the Sales and Marketing Function.

Business Advisory

  • Developing the company vision and mission
  • Developing long and short term strategic brand direction
  • Developing Marketing and Sales strategies
  • Developing Sales Channel and distribution network
  • Developing and setting Business Review processes
  • Developing architectural design direction
  • Land acquisition and project design development

Business Diagnostic

  • Understand which areas are most important to your business
  • Compare your current performances
  • Identify growth opportunities for key brands/business
  • Scaling up business to grab higher market share
  • Improving profitability

Business Analytics

Analytics is the data driven decision making approach for a business problem. Business analytics plays a crucial role in formulating ways to improve business strategies, operations and make smart business decisions that lead to a competitive advantage.

Organisation over a period of time accumulate huge amount of data based on day to day operation, social interaction and many other touch points. We as an organisation help company harness this power of data to build solutions and help in making decisions.  We leverage technology to help in designing business intelligence and analytics applications which can help our customer to optimize ROI or draw 360-degree insights about their businesses, customers, and products, to perform analytics such as prediction and statistical analysis for insightful business decisions.