Creative & Strategy - What We Can Do?

Creative and Media, the two elements based on the long term strategic direction of an organisation define journey of a Product on its way to becoming a brand. Some of the creative executions that we do:

Logo to Advertisements

Just having a Brand is not enough to give you a recognizable and distinctive position in the outside world. It is visual identity either in the form of logo / advertisement/ campaigns that brings brand to life. It is through this Visual communication that customers understand what it is that you stand for.

We help you bring life` to your brand. Be it logo or any form of advertisement we do it all. We develop unique, intelligent approaches to ensure the best messages get through in synergy with our content marketing strategies

Digital Campaigns

There has been a major cultural shift in recent years. Society has adopted a “media on demand” mentality and attention spans are lower than ever. There’s a lot more noise today. Consumers have become habituated with fast paced content.

We not only help you design how a website or app works, we also determine the online brand personality. With our effective communication & online media campaigns we would help you get the right people looking at your pages, covert & keep them engaged.


We see hundreds of outdoor advertising everyday but recall of these ads is almost zero. So doing it the right way with right message is imperative.

We at Blue Croc guide you in creating campaigns for right medium with right messages that succeed in reaching target groups. Innovation, consistency and Impactful are key mantras which help us deliver successful outdoor campaigns.

Marketing Collaterals

Marketing collateral is used to support a company’s primary advertising message to consumers. It is also used to communicate important information to channel partners about a company’s products or services.

In the past, marketing collateral referred primarily to print and other offline materials (such as brochures and flyers), whereas today it entails a wide range of online and offline media, used both to support the sales process and inform prospects about the products and services you offer.

Our creative team will work in tandem with you to come up with best of the collaterals in both Online & offline medium.

PR and Blogs

Good PR is all about the creative strategy to sell a brand.  We at Bluecroc provide a full range of PR services. We strategize and create the entire campaign in manner that delivers desired results.

Not only PR we also realise the importance of blogging in digital world. It gives you an opportunity to create relative content for your customers. Our experienced writers and bloggers will you in getting the maximum connect with your audience with loud and clear message

We firmly believe one should tell the right story at the right time in a right medium to get the desired result.